Neem Oil 1L – 100% Pure Fresh Organic – Highest Quality & Density

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We are proud to introduce you our newly developed product NEEM OIL. We are the first Neem producers in Slovenia. Coming from agricultural sector we have always worked with certified organic products. We care about the environment and for the future of humankind. Our main goal is to bring awareness for how important is to adopt regenerative agriculture practices, which aim to produce food in harmony with nature.

Neem oil comes from the seeds which are dried, roasted, crushed then pressed to extract the oil. lt is a natural plant insecticide and fungicide. Neem oil can help control and eradicate common houseplant pests. Also, spraying neem oil on leaves can reduce foliar fungal infections to keep your plants looking healthy and thriving. The beauty of neem oil for plants is that it’s easy to use, not toxic, plant origin and highly effective.

Have you ever asked yourself why a tomato that you have bought from a supermarket doesn’t taste as good as it use to? We can bring that nostalgy back. By using 100 % natural fertilizers we are not only helping to improve soil benefits but also investing in the future of the planet.

Neem OIL is recommanded for plants such as:

-Ornamental trees

What NEEM really is and where it’s coming from?

Neem, also called Azadirachta indica is a tree that grows in tropical regions and has multiple benefits. It is not only known for it’s pesticidal and insecticidal properties but it’s used in traditional medicine and cosmetics as well.
It is 100% plant-based, rich in sulfur compounds and nitrates. Due to all its exceptional properties, neem has become known as the king of organic fertilizers and is indispensable in the natural cultivation of plants.

Azadirachta indica has long been recognized as a versatile multipurpose tree for urban regreening, agroforestry, fuelwood production, and for a variety of other products, including biopesticides. It contains rich vegetable protein that improves soil microbial growth and soil structure.

Benefits and features of Neem Oil:

-Excellent for Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

-It also works as a fertilizer

-It’s a bactericide

-It’s a fungicide

– It protects the healthy of your plants.

The benefits of using neem oil as a natural insecticide are that it doesn’t kill beneficial insects or pollinators. You can safely use neem oil in your garden or house without worrying about killing bees, butterflies, and ladybugs.

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